April 22, 2013

You find miniatures in the most unexpected places!

So I've had this music box/tower, lovely craftsmanship and around 20 years old, but it was broken. I've been  putting it from one place to another but yesterday I finally decided to dismantle it. Sadly I didn't take any pictures of the whole thing but I did take some of what I could salvage for minis.
My boyfriend was very happy to be able to dismantle everything.... boys and their urge to take things apart, hahaha.

It was a merry go round of the Holy Night... there were a few wood figures, which will make very nice dollhouse toys someday. Plus I got some very nice wood turnings which will be perfect for table legs after some tweaking.

Here are the wood figures.... they're lovely. I especially like the donkey and the three little angels. These are 5cm-3cm high.

These need a bit of cleaning but then they'll be just adorable additions to a child's room.

And the spindles. Enough for four tables. These are two sizes, the smaller ones are about 0,5cm smaller.

And I got a bit of time today for another book. This time it's a closed one...

Another steampunk inspired book. I love these little gears!

A very old tome, slightly distressed around the edges and bound by a golden rope so it wouldn't open by chance and reveal magical secrets.

Well, we're having horrible weather again.... I hope tomorrow will be better so I can get back to my spring workspace.
I have a new miniature in mind but I will have to see how it will turn out as I'm not completely sure I will be successful. All I can say is that it's another furniture piece, although nothing as elaborate as a desk or table.

Until next time!



  1. I love your scavenged items, I make sure to peruse through any electronics or broken toys that I see

    ..just incase there are..little finds ;)

    1. Hmm, I haven't thought about dismantling electronics :D My boyfriend will have something to do again :D

  2. wow, what a wonderful idea to use parts from music box :)