November 22, 2012

Early Christmas gift!!!!!

I got a really nasty cold so I wasn't able to do much of anything last week. But I finally got better now so I decided to show you my early Christmas gift.

First let me tell you a little story.... when I was in primary school, about 14 years old, we had a class where we learned about various craft related things. And we were supposed to do a project where we got to cut a chess set with a scroll saw. But there were only a few scroll saws and so not enough for everyone. And the teacher (male), had us girls cut out one piece each and then said we saw how it worked and that we had to let the boys have our place with the saws (they made the whole set!). I know it sounds silly but I loved cutting out my knight (the one chess piece I made) but when I asked to make more the teacher told me that I should let the boys have fun. And since then I've always wanted a scroll saw. It's funny how such a thing stays with you for so long....

And imagine how excited I was when I saw one decently priced a few days ago. These usually cost a minimum of 120€ but this one was for only 70€!!! And then my wonderful boyfriend came home with it today (an early Christmas present!!!). I'm so excited to finally have one of these!

Ok, a bad photo, I know, but it was already dark outside.

And of course I couldn't resist making something. I drew up this design a few weeks ago, but wasn't sure if it would look good or not.... I'm still not sure actually, but I don't exactly hate it so perhaps it has potential. I didn't want to hand cut it so I put it off. And turns out it was a good thing. I got this finished on the scroll saw quite quickly, while it would have probably taken me quite a while by hand. 

Here is how the chair will look. It still needs to be sanded, not to mention glued and painted. But I really wanted to see how it would turn out. I'm the kind of person who can imagine a lot of things but I prefer to partially see how things will turn out to get a better idea of an item. As I said, I don't exactly hate it. Perhaps with some paint it'll be better? Or perhaps this should be turned into a bench?

This is all I have to show for now. Hopefully I got rid of this cold for good and I can get back to making minis! I have a feeling that there will be quite a few new furniture pieces in Faye's house in the next few months.

I would also like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Even though we don't celebrate this holiday where I live I know it has a special meaning for a lot of people. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

Until next time!


November 11, 2012

Giveaway Winners!!!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the giveaway and thank you for all your lovely comments.
And now for the winners:

First I made a list of all the eligible contestants. I assigned the numbers based on the comments, so the first one to comment had the number one and so on.

The list. 

Then I decided to use a random number generator, which gave me the next results.

#1: A set of three books goes to........

Comment number 4 was left by Margriet! Congratulation! 

#2: The Bat Book goes to.....

Comment number 14 was left by Malu! Congratulations!

#3: A dragonscale book goes to.....

Comment number 5 was posted by Heather Cutting-Rayl! Congratulations!

Well, these are the winners, so congratulations to all three!!! Please send me an email with your contact information so I can send the parcels straight away. 

I hope to have another giveaway soon so check back often as you will all have another chance at this soon.

Until next time!


November 10, 2012

Giveaway reminder and new additions

First of all, I'd like to remind everyone that there is one more day until the drawing for the giveaway, so for those who didn't put your name in the drawing there's still time to do so. You can find the giveaway here.

Well, I haven't been as busy with miniatures as I could have been. We've had horrible floods all over the country on Monday but thankfully our house was spared. Others haven't been as fortunate so we did what we could to help.
What I did manage to make is a large amount of books and finish a staff I started a while back.

Made all of these books yesterday.... I have something special planned so I need  to make a lot more.

These aren't all of them, I still have a lot more to assemble!

And the staff. My first attempt but I like it. I was thinking of having a collection of these and mounting them up on the wall, sort of a display of staffs.

Well, this is it for today. Good luck to all of you who entered the drawing! I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winners.