September 1, 2014

Pre-wedding jitters?? Pre-wedding nervous wreck?? Nah, just some miniatures ;)

Hello again blogland! Been quite some time.... Oh well... our wedding has been keeping me busy. And on top of everything I got food poisoning last week... been in bed almost the whole week. The good thing is that I'm feeling much better now and am able to continue with the wedding preparations :)

In the last couple of weeks I wasn't able to take a lot of time for minis but I did squeeze in an hour here and there. This is what I've was able to do so far....

I finally decided on painting the shop front of my house blue. It's a bit hard to see the exact colour here but I do like how it turned out. 

After the paint dried I distressed it to make it look less shiny and older. Sadly I didn't remember to take a picture... next time, I promise :)

The upper windows will also be blue... A little more and the front should be complete. 

I also started working on a coffered ceiling for the first floor. Here are my very professional tools, hehehehe. I can't remember how many times clothes pins saved me time in miniature :)

Besides working on the house I've also asked my dad to make me a corner for a little vignette. I saw this on a few blogs and thought it would be the perfect way to test gluing wallpaper and a little excuse to start on a new project. I like to think a lot of us miniaturists are the same.... having multiple projects going on at once and always looking for new ones :D

The little corner is nothing special... 20cm x 20 cm and about 23cm tall.

I decided on a simple wallpaper for two reasons: 
- the only thing I had at home was scrapbooking paper
- I'd have to order dollhouse wallpaper from abroad an right now I just don't have the finances to found such a purchase (because of course everyone knows that you don't just order two or three sheets of wallpaper). 

I think it turned out pretty good for my first try. I had to use two sheets of paper although I'm not all that bothered by the seam. Once the furniture is in I don't think it will be all that noticable. 
I'm thinking of making Flourish & Blotts bookshop. Whenever I start making something it's always Harry Potter related.... I wonder if I'll ever get sick of Harry Potter and wizard stuff.... probably not, hehehee

I believe this is it for now. We've also been tidying up around our real life house... have to make it look at least presentable for the wedding, right? Not long now.... Ooh, I can't wait! :D

Until next time!