April 24, 2013

Spice Rack / Wall shelf part 2

Ok, I had partial success today. I made another shelf, with small adjustments this time. And also added the doors. I love how these doors turned out! But I still haven't added a drawer. The main reason is that I decided to make another shelf using 2mm thick wood instead of 3mm. Although I like how both of these came out I still think it would look better with thinner wood.

Here is the dry fit for the doors, everything else is already glued.

Painting.... I had to paint the inside of the shelf with doors before attaching the doors. I decided to give both of them lighter colours. The first one is blue and isn't distressed. I first painted the second one blue and then went over that blue with white. After everything was dry I distressed it and so now it's this adorable shabby chic style.

This is the photo that inspired the whole thing. I found it somewhere online but can't remember where to put a link back. This is a real life item, not a miniature. Here you can see how  much better thinner wood would be.

And the (almost) finished product :) I still need to add handles to the doors. I used a cross stitch base to finish the doors. I know that in the original there are probably leaded glass doors but I think this looks ok too. It adds a certain charm to the piece :)

Of course the doors open. Inside are two shelves on each side, all with rails, so little treasures don't fall off.

A close up of the blue shelf. This would be perfect in a little nursery!

And here you can see the difference wood thickness makes. The shelf on the left is a new one, made from 2mm thick wood. I think it looks better than the one from 3mm thick wood. Although the blue one doesn't look at all bad, I think it would be more fitting for an upper cabinet (if it weren't only 1,5cm deep).

Ok, 3 of these in 2 days.... not bad. Perhaps in another few days I might make one that will be similar to the one I found online.

Until next time!



  1. Wow! They are looking beautiful!
    Hugs Melli

  2. What a beatiful work, they all look so nice.

    LG Alexandra

  3. la verdad es que te han quedado los dos muy bonitos,eres toda una artista con la madera



  4. ¡Muy bonitos! Realmente han quedado de lujo. Gran trabajo.
    Un beso

  5. That is so beautiful, I make dollhouse furniture with cardboard and paper mache. This inspires me to make more. Thank you.

  6. Menina...você está inspirada hein!
    Ficou lindo
    Te deixo um premio em meu blog

  7. Loving your wood work. This is beautiful. x

  8. Te han quedado realmente bonitos felicitaciones, un saludo Adriana.