December 22, 2013


Finally I have some free time to write this post....

I think this is the last piece of furniture of 2013. Well, the Étagère and another console table, which is painted white.

I made this Étagère last month and it will be used in a lantern scene I'm making for a very dear relative. I hope to have everything finished in January for her birthday. It's going to be a shabby-chic-like patisserie, if I can make enough cakes and pastries to fill the scene.

It began with all the pieces cut out.... I made the plan based on a picture I found on the net.

I like how it turned out for a first try although I think that next time I should build a cabinet for the bottom and then add the Étagère..... my boyfriend thinks that it looks strange because the first three parts are the same size. Do you agree or is it ok the way it is?

I still can't decide if I should leave it like this or should I distress it a little..... some sanding here and there wouldn't be a problem but would it look better like this or distressed?

This is the lantern where I plan on making the little scene.... the table will be white, I already have it made but didn't find the time to take pictures yet.... There are going to be pastries on the Étagère. On the table there will be a plate with a fork and a half eaten cake. When my relative was visiting a few weeks ago she couldn't believe the small cutlery I purchased in Vienna so I decided to build something around that. Of course a dining table with a full dinner would be ideal but my Fimo skills aren't all that.... I'm just hoping I'll be able to whip up some pastries....

I'm hoping I'll get everything done before the middle of January. I have all the furniture, now I still need the cakes and pastries. I already made some cake slices but I will need quite a few more. I'm thinking of adding some boxes for pastries in the left corner.... and of course the chair still needs a seat... 
Oh, and please excuse the bad pictures..... We've had terrible weather for the last month and I have to take pictures inside.

Well, I think this is the last post until Christmas, unless I manage to take some more photos, which is unlikely.

I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday and may Santa bring you lots of minis!

Until next time!