April 18, 2014

My miniatures through the eyes of a professional photographer

Remember the amazing photos my friend took of my minis? Well, she sent me a new round. Again, I was speechless when I saw them. My fiance said they're worth more than gold since they got me to shut up for a few minutes, hahah. He was kidding.... I think he was kidding.... I hope he was kidding, hahha.

I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments. It means so much to know that people enjoy my work since I love sharing my process and end results with all of you.

Of course these photos were again taken by the fabulously talented Inaya. You can also find her on facebook. And now without further ado....

What do you think? Amazing, right? These are all things you've already seen on this blog. Isn't it interesting how they can look so much better this way? I don't think I'll ever stop admiring them :) Thank you again Inaya!!

In other news....

Recently I've had some time to set up a facebook page. You can find the link on the right side of this blog or just click here. Just in case you don't want to miss any blog updates or are curious to see more WIP photos. I have decided to post occasional snapshots of my worktable there that won't be on the blog. If you're interested head on over and take a look. I will also have another giveaway only for facebook in the very near future so keep an eye out for that also.

I wish everyone a very happy Easter with lots of colourful Easter Eggs :)

Well, until next time!


April 15, 2014

Giveaway extension and secret prize revealed!!!

First of all, thank you for all your wonderful comments! I enjoy hearing from all of you and of course with everyone good luck in the giveaway ;)

Lately I've had some free time and decided to try my hand at something new. Now I can finally tell you what I've been up to.... wood turning!!

Of course the first thing I had to turn were some wands. The next thing I had to turn were scroll handles. I have so many ideas and can't wait to try more. I got the idea from somewhere in blogland (have no idea where tough) to turn my rotary tool into a makeshift lathe. Instead of mounting a drill bit I mounted a skewer and the rest is history :) My dad thought me how to properly hold the chisels since he owns a big real life lathe, but the principle is the same here. 

I have decided to extend the giveaway so instead of ending on April 20th it is now going to end after the holidays on May 10th. Everything else stays the same (if you post about it on your blog/tumblr/facebook your chances will double).

Of course you're all wondering what is going to be the secret prize.....

The winner will be able to choose from one of these four wands, which will come with it's own box.

I did turn a few more wands but they still need some paint and varnish. 

The scrolls turned out great too! I'm very excited about turning wood since it opens up a whole new range of possibilities. 

After turning the scroll 'handles' (is there a proper scientific name for them?) I aged the paper with Distress Ink and painted the wood with gold. It almost looks like metal :)

I found some very old tarock cards in the basement and of course I immediately whisked them away upstairs... aren't they handy for photos?

At first I made two of these. I turned a pair of handles, intending for them to be the same style of scroll as the first one, but then when I added the paper I decided it looked better this way. And besides, they can't all be the same, right? 

I would love to see what you think of my newest skill (well, learning a new skill). It's so much fun I can't wait to make more turnings!! 

Until next time!


April 3, 2014

How another artist can transform your miniatures a.k.a. my miniatures photographed by a professional

A friend of mine offered to take pictures of my miniatures. She is a brilliant photographer and I think I should just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

You can see more of her work on her website Inaya or on her facebook page Inaya Portfelj.

All of these miniatures were made by me....can you believe it?! I almost didn't believe these are mine, hahaha. It's such a wonder how a talented person can present your miniatures in a totally different way!

Thank you again Ines for these amazing photos!!

Until next time!