April 7, 2013

Book Bash

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post! A lot of things happened: the holidays, I had my French exam (which I aced :D), we were putting the kitchen together,.... 

But I did have time for minis too. I made a lot of new books. Whenever we go visit the in-laws I always bring some minis to make. Usually I cut pages and assemble the blank books, since I always need those. I've also made some new designs for open books. A few more variations for bat books and two new ranges - owls and mushrooms! The three things no respectable witch could be without!

Here is the first pile. A few bat books, one mushroom and one owl book. Lots more to come, all with different page variations.

Here's a pic of work in progress. I love using clothespins for making books. They're just the right size for a lot of different mini projects.

Here is the first bat book, I was trying something different with this one. I decided to add a leather cover. From the front it doesn't look at all bad.

Although from the back it's a different story. When I was burning the book the leather shrunk and this is how it looks like finished. I think I'll just stick with a simple black fabric.

And here is the first batch. I already have all the covers made for the bat range and the only thing left is to glue them to the pages and add the finishing touches (aka burn them).

The first of the mushroom range. Also burnt pages.

And the first of the owl range. This one will also be part of the burnt pages set.

I love how these books turned out. And there's still a lot more to make!

I also wanted to show you these hydrangeas I made last summer. I've never found the right pot to put them in until now. I still have to make the leaves but I just love them even without them.

 They're my favourite flowers, we used to have two very large bushes next to our house and I remember admiring them when I was a child. On one bush were blue ones and on the other light pink ones.

Now if only the other book about mini furniture would arrive I can start on another furniture project. Although I already have a few in mind without the book so I'm starting to wonder when I'll be able to make everything....

And just a reminder, there's still time to enter my giveaway. Just scroll down to the previous post or click on the giveaway picture on the left. And good luck to everyone!

Until next time!



  1. si que has estado ocupada, y los nuevos libros son geniales,espero que no se te vaya la mano al quemarlos ,las hortensias te han quedado muy bien



  2. These books look great, I like the burnt look too. It's Iike a little dragon was being naughty in the library or or potion room.