April 16, 2013

New batch of Burnt Bat Books

Ok, so one down two to go.... books that is. I finished the first range today, which are the bat books. I still have the owl books and the mushroom books to finish. Although I'm more than half way done with them there are quite a few so I probably won't be able to finish them tomorrow. Or perhaps if I have a quiet morning and some time in the afternoon... hmmm...

Well, here are is the Burnt Bat Books range. These will be going to my Etsy shop when the other two ranges are finished, but these can be reserved here too, prior to going to Etsy, and I can make a private listing.

Each book has hand cut pages. The covers are made of black fabric and then hand burnt to look like they've been pulled out of a fire. I like to think of these as being saved from a large bonfire made of books, like the ones from the middle ages.

The whole pile that I finished today. I still have to add the ones I already finished the other day.

Every book is different and is OOAK. They all vary in thickness, burn marks and most importantly, the page design.

The second batch... I can just imagine one or more of these in a witch's lair.

And the final set. These will all be available for sale separately.

Seeing as I've had so many distractions today I'm glad I managed to finish these. Now on to new ones tomorrow.

On a side note, I'm so glad that Game of Thrones is back with another season! It's giving me lots of inspiration. Plus The Borgias too! And I've discovered a new series.... Da Vinci's Demons. That one is going to provide mountains of inspiration if the first part is any indication. If anyone needs some fantasy/medieval inspiration, then those series are for you

Until next time!



  1. Your books look great! I hope you didn't burn your fingers making them. 8-)