August 15, 2013

Another try at hanging shelves....

Today was a holiday so I had a few hours of spare time. Of course that means mini making time :) Since I'll be at work all day tomorrow I decided to treat myself to some minis today.

I've wanted to make hanging shelves from walnut wood for quite some time but never got around to it. I've also had the wood cut to size for some time and now I finally used some of it.

This one is a new design, although it is similar to a previous one. This of course needs to be further sanded and then it will get the whole treatment of shellac.

This one is from similar to one I made out of pear wood, but not exactly the same. It's smaller and a bit differently shaped. This one will also be finished with shellac. It will also be a bit darker after I apply paraffin oil and finish everything.

Sometimes, when real life deals us a plate of worries there is nothing more relaxing than taking a couple of hours off and doing a quick mini project. I love how these turned out and hopefully I will add a few more designs later on. First I want to make a few more console tables and probably one or two dining tables. Even though it's going to have to be stretched over a few weeks I hope everything will still get done.

Until next time!


August 13, 2013

August 11, 2013

Serpentine console table + large serpentine table

Hooray, two new tables :)

But first I would like to thank each and every one of you for all your nice comments and wonderful ideas! I appreciate every comment but sadly real life doesn't allow me to thank everyone individually right now. Please know that I love all of them and that they mean so much to me. It's always nice to know what others think of your work and it's such an inspiration to get such positive feedback.

Ok, down to business now, here's part of the process for another serpentine table and the result of the console table.

Before the final sanding, you can still see the rough spots that need some sanding.

It's still so nice to see the wood colour pop when I apply paraffin oil. I wanted to show you the difference again :)

Both tables with a coat of oil.

I love how this table top turned out. The specific grain and wood colour makes every piece unique and OOAK. It's truly beautiful.

I got this one to shine even more.... 

And the finished console table. I like how it turned out although I think I will change the sides a little on the next one. This one will probably go to my shop tomorrow.

I love making these! I will need to make some new designs for them.

I also have a question for all my wonderful followers.... If you could choose, which table would you rather have - a large serpentine table or a smaller console table? Would the console table fit better in your dollhouse since it's smaller and can be used for more things, or would you prefer the large serpentine table despite of it's size? I was wondering because I am thinking of a few new designs but I would like your opinion on what to make - smaller side tables/console tables or large dining room tables?

Until next time!