August 31, 2012

Dragonscale book

Since my boyfriend and I decided to redo our kitchen I don't really have much time for miniatures. But I did find something amazing at the store, when we were on one of our many excursions to pick out things (sink, cabinets, colors, floors, wallpaper,....). And speaking of wallpaper, I found some wallpaper samples that were free and perfect for miniatures! 
I found one that in my mind looks exactly like dragon scales :)

So without further ado, here's the finished look. They only had this color, but with some acrylics I'll have different colors in no time! And not to brag, but the feel of this book is amazing too, a bit like a leathery kind of fabric....

I love it! Can't wait to use it in my setting...

And today these bottles finally arrived! I ordered them from eBay about a month ago and I finally got them. This is the only miniature thing that I bought, everything else is made by me. Is it silly of me to be proud of that? :P
I have 20, now comes the fun part of filling them!

Well, back to remodeling the kitchen I guess.


August 22, 2012

Putting it all together

Well, today was one of the hottest days in the year.... 34 degrees outside! Thankfully it was a bit better inside and I had the chance to make some minis :)

I decided it was about time to start putting things together. I finally got the courage to firmly glue everything in place, so here are the finished results.

The table will most probably be by the stairs...

And a better look at the table. I still need to think of something for the middle though. I was thinking of making a mini writing table, but we'll see. Or I'll try making an open book, if I can get my good printer to work again.

And the newest addition is a tall shelf unit. I filled the first two shelves, but can't decide what to do with the bottom two. Perhaps some crates.... hmm....

And a close up. Can you see the little potions bottle in the back? :)

That's about all I had the energy for today, although I'm very pleased with the results. Now I'll have to make more scrolls, books and candles, besides everything else, since I've ran out of almost everything. 
At least I'm not out of ideas what to make, although with this heat it's extremely hard to focus on anything, let alone something this small.
Oh well, I hope it doesn't last long. Until next time!


August 12, 2012

Bits and pieces, a miniature museum and Minimundus

Hello again! It's been a while since the last update, but things have been hectic around here. And with vacation time we away from home for almost 3 weeks total, so miniatures had to wait. But I did get some miniature sightseeing in.... First it was Minimundus in Klagenfurt, Austria, which is only about an hour and a half from where I live. And next was something even more impressive.... it was a miniature museum near Linz, Austria. We went to visit some relatives who live there and of course we had to see the museum. It's actually not allowed to take photos but I managed to sneak in a few. I truly recommend it, it's a private collection housed in an old school. There are 3 floors full of 1/12 scale miniatures and higher, antique dolls, bears, everything you can imagine!

Still, I managed to make a few mini bits and pieces after we got home. I started making potion bottles with beads and a few other things.
I also got the courage to stain my table and chair and I'm trying to decide what to put on the table now.

Trying out what to put on the table. Nothing glued yet and I'll probably have to add something more...

Close up of the possible potions tray.

And this little guy is the newest addition to my collection. He is one of the few things I actually bought in 1/12 scale and he's extremely tiny. I bought him at the miniature museum we visited.... they had terribly expensive things but I had to have this one, even if he was 20 euros.

And here he is peeking from the chair :)

Another close up of the table.

And my box full of bits and pieces that will surely not go to waste since I have two whole floors to fill.


This is truly something worth seeing. They have miniature versions of various landmarks from around the world. They're not in 1/12 scale, I don't think they all have the same scale, but it's still something. And they have miniature trains riding by and small ponds, fountains that work,....
A few pictures of more famous miniatures.


This museum in in a small town St. Thomas am Blasenstein, Austria, where there's not really much else to see. It's about an hour from Linz but it's well worth it. These pictures aren't all that great, but still something to drool over, hehehehe.
The whole collection belongs to a couple who collected everything in the museum by themselves. And when they needed a place to put everything they bought this old school. At first they didn't even want it open to public but in the end they did decide to make everything public. I do admit I've never been to a miniature museum other than this, but to me it was extremely impressive. 

I think this was the biggest house they had in the collections, I think even without the stand it would be taller than me :)

And some houses were made inside real furniture! I think this one was my favorite out of all of them. I stood there for probably 15 minutes, just by this one, until my relatives had to almost drag me away :)

Well, this is about it for now. Until next time!