April 23, 2013

Spice rack / Wall shelf

You know the project I told you about yesterday? Well, I decided to try it and so here is some progress. I wanted to make a wall cabinet/spice rack with doors. I found some great inspiration online and decided to try making a miniature version.

This is what I came up with so far.

It's 7 cm high, 8cm wide and 1,8cm deep. 
I wanted to add doors on either side and leave the middle open. But after already assembling this half way it became clear that I won't be able to fix the door quite like I imagined. So I decided to leave this one as it is, the only thing I will add is some moulding on the lower shelf so mini treasures don't fall off when displayed. 

The inner shelf is 0,8cm deep. I'm going to try another one, with some improvements for the doors this time. I also wanted to add a drawer on the bottom so hopefully that will be on the next one too. I have all of the parts for the improved version already cut except for the drawers, so tomorrow I can continue assembling the pieces. Hopefully the second try will turn out as I had hoped. But despite this hiccup I still like this one too. I have some parts cut for some more of these, different styles. They're so adorable! Now I need to think of what kind of finish I want this one to have. I was thinking shabby chic but if I want it for Faye's cottage then it has to be in some darker colours. We'll see...

Oh, and I wanted to introduce you my new best friend!! :D 

My boyfriend got me this last week and I've been dying to try it out. It's great for straight cuts, way better than the saw I was using before (borrowed from my dad). So now I can make straight cuts way easier than before.... I think I see lots more furniture projects in the near future :D

Well, hopefully I'll have good news to report tomorrow.

Until next time!



  1. Great shelf, you have added wonderful detail to it ;)

  2. me encanta ,es un mueble precioso y aunque no te ha quedado como tu querias,me parece buena idea que lo dejes asi , estoy deseando ver los proximos



  3. It is super nice, well made. There are many details in your cabinet. It is very harmonious in its expression. I look forward to seeing what color you will give it. Maybe I should be looking for a saw like yours, I find it difficult to make straight cuts on small pieces of wood.

    1. Thank you Wyrna! Yes, if you have the chance do get a similar saw, it's fantastic! Before it was nearly impossible to make straight cuts, but with this saw it's just great! No problems at all.

  4. I love the shelf your made and aongratulations for your new saw.
    Your boyfriend knows how to please his girl.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora! Yes, my boyfriend really does spoil me :) I guess I'm not a typical woman, I get more excited if he brings me home a new tool than if he would bring me home new clothes, hahaha.