September 2, 2012

Bookworm? Or potion addict? Nah, just a miniaturist!

Even between choosing paint for my real life kitchen and going to every imaginable store with building supplies I managed to squeeze a bit of time for my minis.
Thankfully I had quite a few books already glued together, so all I had to do was the fun part.... covers!

And I got a few more wallpaper samples, so I played around with them and colored a few. I'm very satisfied with how they turned out. I like them the way they are now, just dragon skin, but perhaps I will do some more decorating in the future.
For now here are the ones I finished, now I'm waiting for the purple paint to dry so I can make more :)

Quite a nice pile.... still more to come. And the purple one is made of some leather I found buried in one of my craft boxes.

This one is my favorite. It's black, with black pages, but the "scales" are gold. It's not a very good picture though, mush better in person. Perhaps the upper photo shows it a bit better.... it's the top book on the pile.

And to break off from the books, I made some potion labels. It was a lot of fun coming up with names, and even my boyfriend helped. In the end he was almost more excited than I was, hahaha!
This is just the first of many labels, I still have to stain the others with coffee.

Hmm... I think it's about time I make a setting to photograph my creations in.... Haven't really thought much about it before, but now I think it's about time to make something simple, instead of taking pictures on my computer :/

Hope to have the time to do that soon. 

Oh, I almost forgot.... If anyone would like to contribute a potion ingredient name, just leave a comment below. I'll have to make more potion bottles anyway, although I haven't decided yet if I want to have the "bead bottles" labeled as potions, or if I'll make those with ingredients too. Oh well, lots to decide....



  1. My name is Michi and I am a potion addict. Love the potion bottle! How about "Hair of Dog"? It could be the main ingredient in a potion that "gets the devil out of your head" (i.e. hangover for you tea totalers ;-)

    1. Hi Michi! I'm Illyria and I'm a potion addict too. :P

      Hmm, that would be a good ingredient.... I have "Hair of Harpy", but no ingredients with "dog".... Will have to add it to my list, thanks for the suggestion :) Making up potions is so much fun so why keep it all to myself :P

    2. Oh, I just noticed you are in Slovenia!Maybe the term is not used there. Here in America "hair of the dog" refers to having a small alcoholic drink after a night of heavy drinking to help "ease" the discomfort of a hangover. It's kind of a joke.

    3. Oh.... hahaha, silly me :P I do know a lot of american expressions, but I didn't know this one, lol! But still, it works either way, perhaps with a brownish potion, aka whiskey? :)

  2. Great work as usual, I am goign to have to try one of your book designs they look wonderfully magical for the halloween season.

    1. Thanks Jane! I love how you can find things for miniatures in the most unexpected places :) I certainly didn't imagine that a piece of wallpaper would end up being a dragon skin book, haha