September 26, 2012

Mandrakes and other goodies

Well, got the mandrakes finished and potted today. I still don't have a corner setting to take pictures in though! Will have to work on that, but somehow I don't really like doing the egg carton stones as it's really time consuming.
Also, still looking for ways to make my newest project, a rat goblet from Harry Potter, but the problem is I can't get any made goblets to use and I can't seem to be able to make a goblet myself. I'll have to try it again tomorrow.....

Oh well, here are the mandrakes at least.

Here are the three mandrakes. One of them wants to get out of his pot but the other two are good and will stay put :) I think they're a bit big, but since they're fantasy mandrakes I can make them as I like, lol!

I also made some more books, these are a bit smaller that the ones I already have, they're 1,5cm x 2,2cm. They're the dragon scale series, this time in a dark red, although I think in these photos they look almost purple. I hope to get some real leather tomorrow and see how that will turn out for book covers. 

And some "glass" bottles.... Two clear beads glued together and a little led bulb on top. At least it'll add some variety to my potion bottles.

This is about it for today. I did make the other broom, but I'm still deciding how to decorate it.

Until next time!


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