September 11, 2012

Crates anyone?

Again, not much times for mini-making. Although I did manage to make these perfect little crates, now all I need is a few more dragon eggs :)

These crates are loosely based on Joanne's Minis Crate Tutorial, but I made a few adjustments.

Dragon egg nestled in the crate on some moss.

Also perfect for empty potion bottles....

And experimenting with jars.... Willow Moss anyone? 

I also made this trunk during the weekend. I only followed instructions from Debbie Dixon so I take no credit for the design, only for the assembly.

Potion bottles fit in perfectly! Perhaps a travelling apothecary?

And just for fun, a mini "dog" (fuzzy creature), which won't be in the house, but is still interesting with the hat :)

And this is it for the last few days. I did start making a display corner, but somehow between work and kitchen makeover I didn't get around to finishing more than a part of the stone floor. Plus I think I may have made it too big, so I'll probably have to trim it a bit. Something only for photos doesn't have to be so big, right? :)

Until next time!


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