September 29, 2012

Picture box

Today I finally managed to make the picture box..... not an actual box, but I wanted a setting where I could photograph the mini things I make (not just on my desk).

At first this room was twice the size, but I decided that it doesn't have to be as long.

Egg carton "stones" and walls covered with Gesso.

And the finished thing.... it's still drying but I was impatient and had to take a photo.
I'll have to think of something to do with the walls. Any ideas? I'm thinking a painting, would love a tapestry, but my sewing skills are very much nonexistent. Maybe a shield? Hmmm....

And this is a lucky find.... cheap plastic dinosaur bones. I know they're not 1/12 scale, but I'm probably going to use them separately.... Anyone see dragon bones here? :) As dragons aren't real nobody can say exactly what size they were.... and besides, perhaps the dragon isn't fully grown yet!
Isn't it strange that I can find "dragon" bones, but not an ordinary skeleton? It shows that we don't really celebrate Halloween here...

I'm also very excited to do my first ever mini swap. Michi from Bell and Crow Miniatures has kindly offered to send me some skeleton garlands (since I can't find them anywhere in stores here)! Seeing as I'm trying to make a witchy house I'm sure bones are an essential part of this setting.

Well, going off to my boyfriend's parents for the weekend so probably not going to get much minis done. At least I'll try to make some books, since that's something I can do anywhere and doesn't require a lot of material. We'll see....

Until next time!


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