September 25, 2012

Pots and brooms

Today I decided to finish the flower pots I started a few months ago. Don't know why I never finished them before now....

The last coat of varnish is still drying, they won't be glossy when dry.

And another item for today was a broom for Faye. 

Just a plain broom for now. I'm toying with the idea of making it a bit more interesting, though I don't really know how yet. I have another handle ready so I'll have one more to decorate :)
The handle is a found twig that was sanded a bit and the lower part is cut from an actual broom. 

Well, I also got a great idea for another prop, but still need to work on how to make it. I did also manage to make three mandrakes that will go into the pots, but the pictures I took of them were horrible, so I'll wait for the flower pots to dry and then photograph the mandrakes in their proper place inside the pots with soil.

I wish every day was a day when I had a lot of time to make minis....

Until next time!



  1. lovely little broom! I have about 5 things laying around at any time .. i just never finished.. its seems this is a common problem when your a mini addict wanting to make many many mini things =)

    1. Thanks! Well, I always thought I was the only one with lots of unfinished projects, haha. Glad to know I'm not the only one doing this :)

  2. Oh please, No you are not the only one doing this! I usually have an average of two builds PLUS at least five or six little side projects lying around. I have taken up to three years to get back to some. Yes, it is a symptom "minius addicticatus".