May 13, 2012

Stone floor

Greetings! :)

It's been a while with real life getting in the way and so on. But I finally managed to take some time for miniatures too.

I tried my hand at stone floor. I made it from egg boxes and I got the inspiration from this tutorial, though I didn't follow it completely.

Starting off, this will be my witch house. I still need to add the second floor and the opening for the door won't be visible, since I already made a cupboard large enough to cover it. I don't really know why I wanted a door...
I still have to think of something to cover the front with. I was thinking of gluing glass on the whole front. I could probably make a wood front with doors and windows cut out.... I still have time to decide though, since I need to finish the whole house first.

I stained the egg cartons lightly since I didn't like the original color.

Here is the floor with gaps still not filled.

And here it's finished. I filled the gaps with a mixture of tacky glue and acrylic paint. I didn't bother all that much with the edges on both sides, because I ran out of colored glue :( But it doesn't matter all that much since I plan on making more furniture and I can place it there to cover anything up.

A closeup of the floor. I know it's not perfect but I'm a bit proud of it :)

And another idea I managed to turn into something.... A cage! Granted it's crooked and not exactly perfect, perhaps I can put it in a corner and it won't be as visible, hehe...

Ok, this is it for now. At least I got to make some miniatures :) I hope I'll have something new to post really soon. Until then!


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