May 31, 2012

Furniture..... mostly :)

Well, it's been a busy couple of days. I've had some time off and a lot of time to make miniatures.
I decided it was time to tackle something other than shelves, furniture wise. So I decided on making a table.
I have to admit, I found a few helpful tips + a plan ON CASEY'S MINIS. This blog has great tips, tutorials and so much more!
Again, the plan for the table is from Casey's Minis (although I tweaked it a bit) and I take no credit for it, only for making the table ;)

I sawed the legs by hand after cutting the straight parts.

Here is my trusty saw :)

The legs already cut out and assembled, only the top left to glue.

And the finished table :) I still have to stain or color it, haven't decided yet....

Another project for this week was a chair. I saw something similar on one of the miniature sites, but can't remember where. If anyone knows where I could have seen a similar chair please let me know. 

The chair is 5cm wide, 15cm high and 4cm deep. The table is 11,5cm wide, 7 cm deep and 6,5cm high. They're both made of pear wood.

The chair still needs to be painted and I have to make a cushion for the seat.

I know that to an experienced miniaturist this doesn't look like much, but I'm so very proud of myself :) These turned out great! 

And finally, I had time for another fantasy bird. This one was named Helga :)

Again made of air drying clay, over which I glued feathers. She will probably get a stand to sit on, or perhaps she'll sit on one of the furniture :)

Another project these past few days were stairs. I wanted to make a spiral staircase but couldn't quite figure it out, so I made a regular one with a twist. It still needs a fence, which will be made of toothpicks. And after the staircase is done the upper floor can finally be fitted in!

And this is all for now. Quite a bit work done, but still lots more to go :)



  1. You did a wonderful job with your furniture! I love the trestle table! Fantastic! Keep up the great work and one of these days you will have a castle full of beautiful furniture!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I hope to have the house furnished soon. I'm working on a tall bookcase and a bed at the moment, so I think the house will be full before I know it :)