May 22, 2012

How it feels to clip a dragon's claw...

This week I'll have some more free time to make miniatures! 
My first project was another dragon. Presenting....dun dun dun dun dun..... Lucifer, the curious dragon.

He's a nosy little dragon.... :)

I inserted the claws in the end, when everything was already baked. I know they're a bit too long, but I like how he turned out anyway. I never claimed to be an expert at polymer clay, so for an amateur attempt it'll have to do.

Well, this is what I had the time for today.... Beside trying to figure out how to make a spiral staircase for the house. Who knew making a staircase would be such a pain! And on top of it all I keep hearing about this thing called builder's foam, but can't find it anywhere in my country. Or perhaps I don't know exactly what to ask for....
Oh well, hopefully I can get my hands on some of that material... Until next time!


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  1. Hi, I am enjoying your blog. One thing you can use for a spiral staircase is an inexpensive wooden hand fan. It makes the right shape for the stair treads. I am planning a staircase for a lighthouse and this is what I am going to use. Mine is carved so it will have the right look for metal stairs. Good luck.