May 20, 2012


Well, despite a huge exam I did manage to make some minis this week.... Hooray!! :)

I finally decided to make candles. I tried making them with wax running down, but somehow nothing I tried looked realistic enough. So I decided to make them like this:

I do like how they turned out.... and wax would stay in the little holes on top of the candles anyway, at least in my version :)

I also made a few books, which are non opening. Some have ridges on the cover, don't know if it shows on this picture. I still have to decorate them, so they're not finished yet. I also have a dozen books which I still need to glue together and make the covers. Everything is cut out by hand and then each square is folded in half to make two pages, so it's a bit of a slow process. But I'd like to have books that have "real" pages, even if they don't open.

And here is the candelabra I made a few weeks ago, now finally with candles. I like how it turned out overall but of course it could use a few improvements. I'll leave this one as it is, but will make a few things differently on the next one.

Again, nothing much but at least I'm starting to hoard the little things. A few potions bottles were also added to my treasure chest, so now I almost have a decent number of small items that will be all over the house. Will have to make some more furniture next, and of course the upper floor. I want to make the floor upstairs with "wooden boards", can't wait how that will turn out!
Until next time!



  1. I love your candles and candle stand! Great job! I just glanced through your Blog and it's looking good! Can't wait to see the finished room!

    1. Thank you!! :) I think I'll need a lot more candles though, hahaha