June 9, 2013

Sorceress' study lantern aka birthday gift for my mum

Ok, I admit, I broke my promise. But I did have a good reason - my mum's birthday. Granted it's not until the 20th but I just had to make her gift now. I did write a few more pages of my thesis though so I decided to reward myself with some mini-ing :)

Remember that lantern I showed you a couple posts back? Well, it was meant for my mum's birthday anyway but I didn't exactly know what I'd put inside. This is what I came up with....

Before I added the back "wall". Everything on the table is glued on. If you look closely you will see many of my creations from the past year. Everything here is handmade by me (except the kitty and bottles, which I bought but filled myself).

One of the books from my Burnt Owl Book range, a wand, some test tubes, potions,..... Everything a respectable witch needs!

And this is the final product. I added the back since I wanted a hanging shelf which I decorated with some potions. And yes, I know, horrible pictures again. I had to take these with my boyfriend's phone since the battery on mine died and also the battery on our camera. Like it didn't want to get photographed!

I love the little kitty on the right! 

I finished everything today and me being me I couldn't wait two more weeks to give this to my mum. I gave it to her today and she was super thrilled. Thank god she loved it! I really like how it turned out too. The only thing that's bugging me a bit is possible dust in the future. As we all know dust is our worst enemy in minis. I couldn't get the door to close any other way and so I'm a bit worried that after a while dust might start settling on the inside, but other than that I love it!!

Ok, now I'll be good and finish my thesis.... at least as far as I can get without another consultation with my mentor. 

Until next time!



  1. WOW! this is so beautiful! I love your scene, its a wonderful collection of magical wares.

    The bird on the perch is so cool!

    Well done honey, your mom is a lucky lady ;)

  2. Looking good! What a nice present! Hannah

  3. Estupendo ha quedado muy bonito, me gusta mucho todo el conjunto.
    Un abrazo.

  4. Ohh very cool scene! Everything looks great and I really like all the details you added.

  5. A great scene. I love the bird.
    Hugs, Dora

  6. Your mother will be so happy with this precious gift you made her! Such a good idea arrange mini's you made in the past in this way; the whole scene looks lovely!

  7. Que maravillosa escena, me encanta cada uno de los detalles!!!
    besitos ascension

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