June 30, 2013

Fantasy mushrooms

Oh wow, two posts in one day?? And during summer too!! Today must be a special day :D

So even though my life has been extremely hectic I did put my foot down and decided to take a break from real life today. It is Sunday after all.... And of course, taking time off means time for minis!

The making of.... you can see two unicorn horns in the corner..... I made a few of these too, and coloured them with mica powders. And since it's fantasy, why not make a black unicorn horn? More on these in another post, when they are all finished.

Potted mushrooms.... I decided to make them in various shapes, sizes and colours. They are all coloured with mica powders and they have a very nice shimmery look, although it doesn't photograph well (at least for me and my poor photography skills).

Two are potted with moss and one is potted only in soil *coughcoffeecough*

And here you can see a 10 cents coin to get a feel of the size. 

I also potted a few of them in a crate. I know that mushrooms can't grow in a crate but it's magic after all :)

Well there are still quite a few of these left for other projects so I still have to decide what to do with them. I can always make more of the cure little pots or crates. Perhaps a chopping block where the witch is preparing a new potion? It's very interesting that when you have enough time to make minis you usually don't have the inspiration, but when you don't have any time left you have a ton of ideas. I will have to start writing these things down!

Until next time!