June 5, 2013

OOAK Walnut dining table now on Etsy

Whew, it's done! The serpentine dining table that is!

I finished it with another coat of shellac, so that makes four in total. After waiting for over 12 hours to make sure the shellac was completely dry I added the finishing touch - shellac polishing oil (the one with lavender :/). And this is the finished product. Again the photos aren't the best but since it doesn't look like we'll be having any sunny days soon I photographed it anyway.

Although it's not visible so much it has a semi gloss finish. I actually prefer it to the truly polished finished like on pianos. I think that this way the table looks more realistic and less plastic.You can find this piece in my Etsy shop.

Now I have to be good and write my thesis. I already wrote 10 pages today so a couple more days and I should be finished. And then it's back to minis (hopefully next week!)

Until next time!



  1. Great job, what a beautiful table. Also well wishes on finishing your thesis!

    1. Thank you Jenny! Oh, I hope to be finished soon so I can get back to minis :)

  2. This is an incredibly gorgeous table. It is exactly like the one my grandmother had in her home when I was a child. Oh, you did such a good job.

  3. The table is amazing! Get that paper finished!! There is mini'ing to do!

  4. Ficou simplesmente adoravél
    Da gosto de olhar!!!