January 10, 2013

More books anyone?

Yay, 2013 is here!! And a new year for mini projects! Lots of them I hope.

I present to you....... dun dun dun dun..... a magical stack of books!

I've recently watched all Harry Potter movies again and I got the idea for high stacks of books. I've made this with books I already had, the red one is real leather, the brown one is made of fabric and the others are from the Dragonskin line. Oh, and these stand on their own, no glue necessary :)

Now here is something new! A book covered in very light colored moss. I found this great moss and I just couldn't resist. And I decided to make this an especially thick tome.... I like to think this is a very ancient encyclopedia of herbology :)

And another green mossy book. This one is smaller than the other one, it measures 1,5cm x 2,2cm

And the two books together. It's very easy to see size difference here. You might have noticed I generally have two sizes for closed books and two for opened. I am planning on making some more sizes, but only after I run out of the blanks I've made over the holidays. I do hope they'll last some time though.

In other news, I managed to make blank covers for over 25 books, so all I need to do now is to decide what to do with them.... leather, Dragonscale line, moss? I think I'll need to try something new.....

Well, hope you enjoyed the first post of 2013!

Until next time!