January 24, 2013

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Finally I had a bit of time today for some mini goodies. I wanted to make a mirror for some time, but I was thinking of ways I could make a carved one instead of simplifying things. So today I decided to just go ahead and make one. After all, I can always make more :)

I had these little corners for a while now. I think they look great on the mirror!
Overall the mirror is 15cm tall and 8,5cm wide, made out of 3mm thick pear wood. It's meant to be this large and I got the measurements from a friend, who has one life size, and it's gorgeous! 

I painted everything with gesso and then with a black wash. Then I decided the corners could be gilded so I painted those gold, then distressed them and painted another black wash over them. After that I still wasn't satisfied as there was still too much gold showing through. So I painted over them with black acrylics and then dabbed the extra paint off with a paper towel. Turned out quite good actually. 

And a close up of the corner.

I thought about doing the whole mirror in gold first and black on top but I really like how it looks now. Although I might just make another one of these. After all, what sort of a respectable witch would be caught dead without magic mirrors! :)
I did find this great tip on one of the blogs how to age the mirror (which is an acrylic mirror sheet) but it looks like I didn't age it enough as the scrapes don't show on the pictures. I think I will definitely need more mirrors!

I also started a cauldron, made from a ping pong ball. So far it's working out ok. Now I need to figure out what to put in it to make it look like liquid. I tried clear glue, but it's not very good. I filled two mini jars one with white glue and the other with clear satin lacquer. Will see if either of these will do. 
Well, until next time!