January 28, 2013

How to shine your cauldron 101

Lately I've had a little more free time and that means mini making! And I've wanted to try the ping pong ball method for making cauldrons for a long time. So that was number one on my list. I made two different versions, one with legs and one with a flat bottom. I think they turned out great! Now I need to find something to fill them with. I think I'm going to have to order some scenic water for this...

I actually like this one better. I'm still thinking if I want to hang it in the fireplace or not.... Maybe it could be on the table if the witch needs to add ingredients :)

Another project for today were Fimo candles. I've made a lot of these last year but I've used almost all of them so I needed new ones. My Fimo got really hard and I've put off making anything out of it but now I've found this great tip that you can soften Fimo with a bit of oil. I used baby oil and it worked perfectly!

I think I got a taste for mirrors :) I loved the shape of this one and so I just had to make it. Now I'm trying to decide how to finish it. I'd really like to add some embellishments to the frame but I'm not good at carving nor at simulating carving with clay. I was thinking of just staining it with the same stain as the table. More of a medieval look than a fantasy one. Hmm.... Well, if I don't like it I can always make another one since it was so easy to make.

Ok, that was the most projects in one post in a long time. I'm glad I have more time for minis. I'll probably have to start on the house itself again.... I don't know why but I can't bring myself to continue the rooms. Which is silly because I only have to make the upper railing and put the upper floor in. Somehow I don't like stairs at all! 
Oh well, maybe I should think about making a fireplace.... it would be a nice addition, or more of a requirement. 

Well, until next time!



  1. esos calderos estan muy bien , ahora necesitaras llenarlos con cosas viscosas y de colores extraños , las velas esta muy bien y ese espejo es un buen trabajo



  2. wow those cauldrons are cool, I never knew about that thanks!

    You can always use puff stickers or embellished stickers if you have access to scrapbooking supplies. Painted they simulate carving pretty nice.

    Or if your so inclined a thinner pattern of the same wood stacked on top for a tiered look ;)

  3. These are great. They came out so well. x

  4. Los calderos estan perfectos, las velas muy reales y los espejos ¡wow! Todo te queda muy bien! felicitaciones! Un beso