December 28, 2012

Tons of books.... cover ideas anyone?

Hi everyone!! Hope you all had a great time during the holidays and that you still have a few days off to enjoy with family, friends, minis.

I haven't made any new minis, visiting family and friends during the holidays, one event after another, a trip to Slovakia and kitchen remodeling coming along fast..... well, it just doesn't leave much time for anything else.

The only thing I did manage to make are a few blanks for books. I had some free time when we were visiting  the in-laws. These blanks are a bit time consuming, with all the cutting and folding and gluing, but I think the results are well worth it. These books really do look like they have real pages, and can be open or closed. I've decided I'll need a ton of books for Faye since she's a bit of a bookworm.

Here are 34 large closed books,30 small closed books and 15 bat books. Now all they need are the covers. I'll have to try some new ideas for these.

I'd like to wish everyone happy holidays (belated) and a very happy New Year, full of joy, inspiration and successful mini projects!

See you next year!



  1. menuda cantidad de libros , para todos los gustos y necesidades , estare atenta a ver que tapas les pones

    besitos y feliz año nuevo


  2. I love tiny books and yours are always great. Happy new year. x

  3. Que cantidad de libros, seguro que te quedaran fantasticos.
    besitos ascension