June 29, 2014

Amazing gifts from Jane from Minifanaticus

Been silent a long time.... wedding preparations and work are taking up most of my time these days.

I received these fantastic gifts from the extremely talented Jane over at Minifanaticus. I fell in love with her Confucius snail last year and Jane was again very generous and send him to me, along with some other little critters. I love them all so so much! Jane is very talented in making minis but polymer clay is her speciality. I'm very ashamed it took me this long to post these wonderful gifts but time seems to get away from me very often these days. I think that September is going to be here tomorrow!

A mini furred rat!!

He's so tiny!! And just look at those details!

The lovely Confucius snail that started it all :) Jane's imagination is endless!!

And Confucius' steampunk cousin, hehehe

This little guy got a little banged up on the way... will try to fix him.

Thank you so very much for these precious darlings Jane! If any of you don't know her blog yet you must go and have a look! Jane also makes other wonderful magical minis, which you can buy in her Etsy store.


And since some of you asked for more things about the wedding, perhaps you'll want to take a look at the invitations I've made for the occasion :) These were a lot of fun to make but also a lot of trial and error.

Our wedding colours are as you can see are red, silver and white. It doesn't show on the photo but the basic card is a pearl colour and the red paper is flocked so it feels somewhat like velvet. I like that there are a lot of different textures as well as colours :) I will also create menu cards, name tags and thank you cards in the same style. Hopefully I'll have some time for minis in between everything.

Until next time!



  1. Jane surely is a talented lady with a never ending imagination. The gifts she sent you are so beautiful!! Great for the magic scenes she creates. Well done on the invitations too...they look gorgeous! I hope you'll find some time for minis but with a wedding on the way.....do you think you will?? :)

  2. That Jane Smith is some kinda Wonder Woman! She has so much talent at her fingertips and these whimsical little critters can certainly attest to her fertile imagination! That rat with the red beady eyes, is Perfectly rat-like and the dragons and the snails are so full of life! Jane's work is Fantasticus!
    And your wedding invitations are very very pretty. What great colors to have chosen. :D


  3. I love the confucious snail too - very cute. Your wedding invitations are gorgeous.

  4. Hi Jana,
    Your wedding colors are gorgeous! So classic. Jane is a wonderful and generous blog friend. Her unique style is so appealing. I love the little rat...so cute.

  5. I keep trying to comment...and it errors! Ok ok..

    Your invitations are amazing! Very regal and beautiful. I know your going to be a sight of beauty and hope we get to see some shots ;)

    I am so glad the critters got a new home in a wonderful far off land!

  6. I love the Confucius snail too =)
    Jane is so talented!
    Looks like you will have a wonderful wedding =) Hope it will be a great day

  7. Found you via Mini Addictions! Best of luck with your wedding preparations. I remember how much work that can be! But the more you do yourself, the more money you can save! Jane is such a wonderful and creative miniaturist. Love her whimsical creatures!