July 21, 2014

A crazy summer....squeezing in time for miniatures!

Hello again! I've wondered if I'll have any time at all for minis this summer.... turns out that even when I had a week off and not going on vacation I still didn't get any mini time. Wedding preparations are in full swing over here, dress fittings, looking for this or that (I swear that I'm not going shopping for a few years after the wedding!!) and then there are the parents to consider (both sets of course) and managing everything.... it's a lot of things at once but still fun :) I'm enjoying everything even if it can get a little crazy at times :)

Last Sunday I decided that I needed a break and after cleaning the whole floor in the morning I sat down for some mini time and didn't come inside from my balcony for the entire afternoon. I came up with a few little things.
A book with pages flying out of it... I've wanted to try this for some time. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's blank because the printer ran out of ink and I figured I might as well try it with blank paper first.

A stack of books and other magical items. I've also added this to my Etsy shop in case anyone is interested.

It has four books, one of my hand turned scrolls, one Daily Prophet (my own design) and a mushroom jar with a tiny butterfly. I'm very pleased with how this turned out.

I had a few spare Daily Prophets and decided to make a stack. I like to think they've been burned by a baby dragon, hehehe.

Another project on the 'to-do' list have long been these step stools. They're very tiny, the measurements actually came from a step stool I own. It look ok but I think the wood is still too thick. I just used some spare wood I had lying around.... Any thoughts?

Another stack I started. This one isn't finished yet although I can't decide what else to put on it. This one has a scroll that's been burned a bit more on one side, hehehe (don't tell anyone but I didn't actually intend to burn off part of the handle.....)

And something I did at the beginning of summer. I forgot to post it on the blog. It was another Sunday afternoon and I've wanted to make a chess board for some time. I saw something similar in a picture and although it definitely needs improving it didn't turn out half bad for my first try. Perhaps I should have used matt varnish instead of triple thick. I got Triple Thick at a store here and was overjoyed so of course I had to try it out on something. Maybe the next one would  really be better with matt varnish....

And I finally finished the mahogany table. It needed four coats of shellac and last week I had just enough free time each day to do one layer of shellac. I love the rich colour, it really is lovely. This is also listed in my shop in case anyone is interested.

Well, despite the busy days miniatures still remain a large part of my life. And it just proves that even though things get hectic and we can't always create as much as we'd like even a Sunday afternoon can produce great results! :)

Have a great summer everyone and I hope to report on some new miniatures before the wedding :)

Until next time!



  1. Hi Jana,

    I've already found you on Etsy and I'm glad that I've found your blog now - it will be fun to follow you and see your stunning creations. Your woodwork is awesome and your paperstacks great. That flying paper stack of yours made me smile - I love doing these chaos stacks myself and I always get carried away when making them... *LOL*

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Hello Jana!

    Oh busy lady! I know its a crazy time with work and wedding planning but life has its slow and relaxing times after marriage so I know you can make it!

    Your work is always stunning and beautiful, you know i love your woodwork but your books stacks and papers are also amazing!

    The chess set is a thing of beauty! I wait to see set pieces from you one way ;P

    Hugs and well wishes to the family!

  3. Everything is wonderful!! I am having a hard time finding mini-time as well!! It is therapeutic however when we do find it! Love the book with the pages flying out! Great idea! -Ara

  4. Oh! You have a beautiful blog! You are a great artist! Great job! I like the fly page!

  5. I really look forward to seeing your idea of a book with flying pages coming out of it as you progress your idea to the next stage. Such a fun idea. Your table is beautiful.

  6. Hello!
    Your creations are sooo beautiful dear! I totally love the mini paper pieces (I make miniature books as well) and that queen ann table is simply gorgeous!
    I'm very glad I found your blog by chance :)

    Hugs and congrats ! your skills are impressive!


  7. Oooo wow! Nice minis and photos as well!