May 25, 2014

Queen Anne chair sneak peek

With the wedding drawing nearer every day I've been busy with lots of details. We had some great weather last week and so I was able to take some time for minis too. I love working on our balcony and thankfully I have a really comfy chair :) 

What I came up with is this Queen Anne chair. I got the plan from the book I bought last year although I followed it only partially. I didn't make tenon joint but I jointed the whole chair with pegs. How can you get so tiny pegs? Well, you sand down a toothpick of course! 

Although it still has many flaws and isn't complete yet I am so very proud of this chair. It is by far the most detailed piece I've made. It took me quite some time to figure everything out but I think that the second one should be easier to make since I know where I made mistakes with this one. I heard somewhere that if you know of one way how not to do/make something you're one step closer to knowing how to do it properly (or something along those lines). 

As far as a first attempt at this style goes I think it turned out great. I was afraid that it wouldn't go together properly and was completely thrilled when it did! That feeling when you put everything together and you see that it's going to work..... it just makes all the trial and error worth it!

I would love to hear what you think! It's still not finished of course but it already has the general shape. I'm not sure if I'll be able to put on the brackets on either side of the legs. Perhaps I should have made them before I glued everything together, but I was just too excited to see if it would turn out as it should. I will try to add them to this one but if not the next one will definitely have them. And next time there will be more pictures of the process and hopefully of this one finished. I already have the cabriole legs for three more chairs so I'll be able to take lots of photos!

Until next time!



  1. I don't know anything about wood working outside of balsa wood, but I do know this is already a beautiful piece!

    My suggestion would be to make a lot of them, cause they are awesome..hope my suggestion helps ;P

  2. I love the shape and style of this chair. I look forward to seeing one finished and upholstered. I know it will look beautiful.

  3. It's already looking gorgeous. I agree with Jane, make a lot of them ;-) Your work is fantastic and I am looking forward to see how you finish it.
    Have a great week,

  4. I always admire woodwork and yours is fine, especially for the first one. I too look forward to seeing more of them.

  5. The chair looks great already, look forward on seeing the finished product =)
    Good luck with the wedding preparations =) Hannah

  6. Hi Illyria, it is perfect!
    Mini hugs.