May 9, 2013

What's your poison? - New mini delights!

I'm back from my mini break and full of new ideas. We didn't actually go anywhere but it was nice to turn everything off for a few days and enjoy the company of my wonderful boyfriend. We did go hiking one day and to the movies another, but other than that we had a few lazy days.

But I got a new toy in the mail yesterday so back to minis it is :)

Epoxy resin!! I've wanted to buy this for quite some time and I finally ordered this one last week. So of course I had to play with this right away! 

These were the trial potions. The instructions say you shouldn't pour the resin more than 3mm thick but I've seen people filling whole mini bottles in one shot so I decided to experiment. All of these dried perfectly fine. Perhaps the one that's completely filled isn't as hard in the bottom but it really doesn't matter. This won't run and there isn't any change in colour.

And this is my messy workspace from today. I had a ton of paper towels all over the place, hahaha. I used small syringes to get the resin inside the bottles and small cups to mix it in. I added food colouring to get different colours and it turned out beautifully. I read that epoxy resin shouldn't be mixed with acrylic paint and since I don't have any oil based paints at home this was the alternative. Has anyone tried colouring resin with acrylics? I'd love to know if it's ok to do so.

A small pickled bat. Sadly this was the best picture I could get but you can just make out his crossed little wings. 

Some gillyweed :) Or if you prefer, some artificial moss added to the jar.

And just plain coloured ones. The one on the left was a failed attempt with epoxy glue, it turned orange after it dried even though I added purple glitter. So I just decided to fill it with some leftover resin from today. 

And I also filled a cauldron. I'll have to work on the cauldron, I decided at the last minute that I wanted to fill it when I already had the resin mixed so I was in a bit of a hurry. 

These now need labels and lids. I already made some lids but am still deciding on the colour.... I tried black, silver and antique gold but there always seems something off..... any suggestions? I thought about making cork stoppers but then decided against it.

Well, now I need to think of some names for the new concoctions :D Again, if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to contribute!

Until next time!



  1. They look awesome! I have yet to go into resin.

    I have big plans for it though, Maybe between you and me we can perfect the mold making and bottle production ;P

    Maybe...Maybe. you make a pointy lid out of clay..make a mold them make a clear resin lid?

    I want resin now!!!!


  2. I like the result.
    Bye, Faby

  3. It is so exciting what you have made. I do not have any experience with resin, so it is always interesting to see what others are doing. Your result is perfect.

  4. That's the exact product that I use! I really like it because it's more flexible and in my opinion less toxic than Resin.

  5. la verdad es que te han quedado muy bien , etiquetas puedes encontrar un monton en pinterest, incluso las hay para que solo tengas que añadir el nombre , pasate y veras , creo que te quedaran bien , como tapones ademas de corcho que siempre queda bien , tambien puedes utilizar algunas cuentas o incluso pequeños tejidos , tu misma



  6. Fantastic work, well done. I love the pickled bat in the jar!
    Hugs, Ilona