May 20, 2013

Serpentine table part 2 - finished

And another finished project to show you :) I finished painting the serpentine table I was making last week. All in all I'm very proud of the finished product. Oh, and please excuse the awful pictures. I just couldn't wait till tomorrow to show this to you so I had to photograph it in on my kitchen table in this horrible light. Will post better pictures in a couple of days, when we have nice weather again.

Finished!! It's a very rich dark brown colour. Perfect for a Victorian setting. This is the same colour as my other furniture, the other cabriole leg tables and the Davenport desks.

On top of my next project - a large dining table made from walnut. The next one will be quite bigger, 10cm x 15cm, the measurements were taken from an actual antique table.

The materials - walnut for the next table/tables. Will probably make a slightly different design but overall it will be very similar to the one above. 

Well, I hope to be back soon with more photos, a bit better this time.

Oh, and I also bought a large lantern, which will be perfect for a mini scene. Now to think of what I can put in it..... Will show you pictures of the purchase next time. And I am now officially collecting ideas of that to put inside the lantern :)

Until next time!