March 6, 2013

Steampunk fantasy book + coffer WIP

This week has been a bit hectic so far. I have one more exam left, French, and so I started to study a bit. I also had to take Tiger to the vet since he wasn't eating anything and was vomiting again :( He's getting better, thank god! So today I got to spend some time on minis.
I wanted to do a book like this for some time. I really like how this cover looks, as it's not your average, everyday book.

First I painted the sides of the book gold. Then I stained the gauze and glued it on the spine. I cut the covers from thick paperboard and painted it antique gold. After everything was dry I glued the gauze on the covers and added a few gears.

The back of the book. I think it's an interesting design and different from so many other books out there. I'm planning a few more books like this, maybe some with leather. I'll have to go hunting for more fabric soon :)

I also continured working on the coffer. I decided to do the smaller one first. I cut and glued all the remaining veneer. Here is the second coat of stain (still has to dry, I was impatient and it was getting late). I'll add another one or perhaps two and a coat of clear varnish. I still have to make the top and stain the top and bottom. And then I'll have to think about hinges.... I'm really hoping I can make my own as I'd have to order them from eBay, which would be expensive and a long wait.

It's coming along nicely :)

Well, this is it for today. 
I do have two other surprises for all of you. Let's just say it'll be worth keeping an eye on my blog ;)

Until next time!



  1. Hermoso libro!! Suerte en tu examen y que se mejore Tiger!

    1. Gracias Beatriz! Y Tiger esta mejorando, gracias a dios!