March 1, 2013

Davenport desk part 4 - Finished!

Whew! Well, it's done. The Davenport desk that is.

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Today I put another coat of stain on the drawer fronts, made the handles and glued them to the drawers.
The handles are made from pins which have the perfect little ball on top. I painted them gold and then put a coat of varnish on. After snipping the top off I got tiny handles. I did drill a hole in each drawer and left a bit of pin attached so everything would be more secure.

I've decided that I don't need the four little legs on the bottom, since I like the table like this. Maybe for the next one, but I'll have to buy some beads since I don't have anything appropriate at home.

The finished project:

I'll probably have to make some accessories, some paper, quills, inkwells,... At least I already have the books although I didn't check to see if any would fit in the drawers..... Probably not....

Well, the drawers aren't all they could be but other than that I'm very pleased with how this turned out. I already have half of the pieces for another one of these cut and I've already assembled some of them. I'm hoping that the drawers on the next one will be better. I'm very happy I tried this project, I learned a lot and thought of some improvements too.

And another project I started working on.... A large trunk or coffer. I actually made 2, but I still have to put the veneer so they won't be as plain.

This is the inspiration. It's a 17th century blanket chest/coffer. I decided against the legs and mine won't have the carvings like this one, but other than that I'm hoping for something similar. Can you imagine all sorts of things a witch could store in here :)

I'll glue the bottom on after I'm finished with the veneer. That's going to be a bit time consuming, since it has to go on all four sides plus the top. And I'll have to figure something out for hinges. The larger trunk is 10cm x 4cm and 5,4cm high. The smaller one is 5cm tall. These are really big but I got the measurements from an antique site. I'll have to try making some a bit smaller.

And starting the veneer. I cut 0.7cm strips of veneer and on top of this one will go 0.5cm strips. It's going to be a lot of work but I'm looking forward to it since it's quite fun making this. 

Well, that's it for today (these posts seem to get longer and longer :P). I'm not going to get any mini work done this weekend since Spring is finally starting to come around and it's going to be very sunny which means outdoor activities. But I do hope to continue these two projects next week.

Until next time!



  1. Its a beautiful desk honey, I love the old world look to the carvings ;)

    You will have to sell these someday you know ;)

    1. Thanks Jane! I'll have to perfect the design. This was a prototype :P As I said I'm already working on a new one so maybe that one will be good enough to sell :)

  2. The desk turned out beautifully! Bravo!!!! :D

  3. Love the davenport desk!!! I could soo see that in a shop off in the corner.

    1. Thank you Jenny :) Yes, it would look great in an antique shop, or even in a witch's shop!

  4. me encanta como te ha quedado ese escritorio, es precioso y el baul tambien



    1. Gracias, espero que la siguiente sera todavia mejor!