February 19, 2013

Test tubes + stand

Finally, a new mini to show! Been very busy with the real life kitchen, which is coming along nicely.

As we were cleaning some things out I came across some q-tips, that are flat on one side and pointy on the other. I think they're generally used for make-up. I bought them a long time ago (don't know what for) and was just about to throw them out but then I decided I could probably use them for something in miniatures.

I sat down at my table today and saw the whole box. And to my surprise I saw that the "stems" were clear plastic and actually hollow.
And so I got the idea for test tubes!

Half assembled stand and "test tubes". And the q-tip I made them from. The "test tubes" don't have a rounded bottom but I drilled slightly deeper holes in the bottom of the stand so I think they look pretty realistic. The bottom is made from pearwood and the sides are made from 1mm thick veneer. Had to cut that very carefully. I did try it with 3mm veneer but I think it all looked too bulky.

And the finished result. I decided to paint the stand antique gold, I think it adds a certain magical touch to the whole thing.

The test tubes are 1cm long and 2mm in diameter. The whole stand is 3,1cm long.

These will look great on Faye's table. I might try filling them but the holes are so small I think it would be nearly impossible. All in all I like how this turned out. 

Until next time!



  1. very cool! I was just thinking about a mad scientist roombox, with like chicken/monkeys and bottles filled with bubbly goodness ;)

    1. Hahaha, yes, these would be perfect for that kind of setting. Hmm... there would be so many possibilities for a mad scientist roombox.... the only downside would probably be that you'd need lots of glass laboratory thingies. I'm guessing you can't make realistic glass items on your own :( Or maybe I haven't come across a decent how-to yet :D
      Oh, and do include Igor, the hunchback servant :D

  2. si es que en este mundillo no podemos tirar nada ,todo nos sirve, creo que has hecho un gran trabajo, para llenarlos siempre puedes intentar utilizar una jeringa o simplemente pintarlos con un palillo,dariaa la misma impresion por fuera ,