October 7, 2012

Table with cabriole legs

Well, the last two days have been very educational for me. I finally got the courage to do research on how to make cabriole legs for tables, chairs,...
I still can't believe that I actually managed to make these legs, but I guess I have woodworking in my genes :)

Here is the making of the first two legs. The left one still needs a lot of sanding but the right one is starting to look like a decent leg.

And the table finished! It's a little over 6cm tall and the top is 7,5cm x 7,5cm. I know this isn't a side table and it's not a dining table, something in the middle.... I just wanted to see how/if these legs will even work. And I can stick it in a corner anyway and put witchy goodies on top. Perhaps an orrery? Isn't it fun when you can say your house is fantasy if you don't make something exactly like real life? 

A close up of the leg. I think I did quite well for my first try.

I always wondered how these tables were made. Luckily for me I know Mr. Google, hahaha!

And painted. But not varnished yet. I'm still deciding between shiny or matt varnish. In general shiny varnish would better suit this table, but for my whole witchy house I think matt would be better, since everything else will be mostly matt.

And just for fun I couldn't resist putting some trinkets on the table. It looks good!

And two new books on the floor.... the red and green one. They're made of real leather. I got a huge amount of real leather but I think most of it is too thick for book covers. I'll have to experiment a bit on that.

And this is it. I truly think I did a passable job of making a table with cabriole legs. I'll have to go hunting for reference photos so I can make some other furniture items with cabriole legs. Well, I think yesterday was very productively spent. The only thing I actually did today was glue the whole thing together and paint it. With all this kitchen remodeling it's not easy having time for minis. 
Oh, and finally I have a place where I can take pictures in!! Hooray! Although the walls still need something.... I'll have to see about making some pictures. At least not I have new cartridges for my HP so I can print in color again!

Well, until next time!



  1. I saw this over GL, And it is a amazing job. I always tell people that you can tell when you did a great job when you cannot tell it a mini. The ironic part is I have this table upstairs in my attic, I was like hey thats my table ;)

    1. Thanks Jane! I can't believe you have an actual one. Why in the attic and not on display? Now all you need to do is make a couple of real life witchy books and potion bottles and you're all set for Halloween, hahaha

  2. That is a really great job! I am encouraged to try more things myself.

    1. Thank you! You should try something new. I couldn't believe how easy this was after I started. With a bit of research at first you can do almost anything!