October 21, 2012

Of spyglasses and orreries and other bits

Well, even though October is usually a very tiring month (lots of birthdays and such), I'm glad I still find the time for minis. Being without a job does have it's good sides sometimes.
As promised, here are the finished spyglasses. At first I thought I'd make them into telescopes, but I think they work just as well as spyglasses.

This is the second try. I decided to go with a more fantasy inspired colors. I think it turned out great! The only thing I'm not happy about is the lens at the end. I made that with glue and at first there were no visible bubbles, but when the glue started to dry the bubbles started showing. I did try to think of something else to use for the lens, but couldn't think of a better solution.

And here are both spyglasses together. I think the black one is a bit too thick so I'm not sure I'll use it in a setting, but it seemed a waste to just throw it away.

I also decided to make a book stand for the table. Nothing fancy as you can see, but it does serve it's purpose.

And a bit of playing around with settings.

A side view of the finished book stand. I love this table so much I'm hesitant to put anything down permanently.

And the making of another orrery.

Finished another one. Look great and I love these new colors!

And just for fun I added this funny picture I took of my cat Tiger the other day. I don't normally post off topic things, but this was just too good to resist! My boyfriend and I can't agree, he says Tiger is laughing, but I say he looks like he's singing.... Either way this picture is hilarious!

Now I need to decide what to work on next. Hmmm....

Until next time!


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