April 3, 2014

How another artist can transform your miniatures a.k.a. my miniatures photographed by a professional

A friend of mine offered to take pictures of my miniatures. She is a brilliant photographer and I think I should just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

You can see more of her work on her website Inaya or on her facebook page Inaya Portfelj.

All of these miniatures were made by me....can you believe it?! I almost didn't believe these are mine, hahaha. It's such a wonder how a talented person can present your miniatures in a totally different way!

Thank you again Ines for these amazing photos!!

Until next time!



  1. I know they are yours because the work is fantastic! The pictures are wonderful and just add to the beautiful minis you lovingly created!
    Hugs, js

  2. Great photos can really make a difference =)
    But your miniatures are always nice =) But it's nice to see them at their best, I wish I was a much better photographer.. Hope your friend gave you some great tips for the future, I get some tips now and then from my husband, but I'm a slow learner when it comes to photography...

  3. Wow, fantastic photos! Your work is beautiful and these pictures just enhance what is already there. I love the lighting.

  4. Fabulous photos of wonderful miniatures. I know I need to improve my photography skills to photograph my miniatures. Learning to photograph miniatures is on my to do list. I need to set up an area to do it. I had a look on Inaya's blog. Her work is wonderful.

  5. unas fotos fantasticas , eres muy afortunada y tu amiga tiene mucho talento



  6. Geniales las fotos y geniales tus miniaturas:-)

  7. I absolutely agree that a good picture can totally change the view and feel of the watcher for the better but if the work is well done, like yours, surely even behind a white piece of paper would look great. You would concentrate more on the item and the perfection.