February 17, 2014

Finished Chair and Patisserie Goodies

I've been extremely busy lately with real life and so I didn't get to play with my minis a lot during the last few weeks. The house has also been on hold for now but I'm hoping to return to it soon.

Although I'm very busy with work, I finished my thesis and now I have to wait for a date for my formal presentation. I'm very glad that's going to be over soon. Also planning the wedding and such... I'm going to make a lot of things myself - invitations, thank you cards, wedding favors,.... as much as I possibly can. We're going to have a small wedding so at least there won't be a ton of the same things to make. But still, I need to design everything which I think will take a lot more time than actually making things. Oh well.... I'm looking forward to it thought. You only get married one, right? Well, generally speaking :)

Ok, I got a bit carried away....

I wanted to show you the progress I made on the white lantern I'm making for a relative. I've finished the chair, 'baked' a lot of goodies and played with paper a bit. Today was the first day I had for minis in quite some time. And I have such great luck that I have a nasty cold, I've been sneezing and coughing all day, not to mention my runny nose. Uugh... and even though I didn't really feel all that good I couldn't wait to get some mini time so I got out of bed for a few hours to make a couple of things...

Just finished it today. I love how it turned out! It kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.... perhaps that should be my next project.... an Alice lantern.... hmmm...

I baked all sorts of cookies for the etagere. I love these, my mother bakes these in real life. They're very big in real life too so I decided to make them big in miniature too.


Well, considering that this was my first experimenting with Fimo after over a year I think the sweets turned out pretty ok. I'm no expert for sure but they look somewhat like they're supposed to, right?

The whole etagere.... I'm sorry for the bad pics, I promise to get better ones up sometime soon. We've been having horrible weather and there is no chance of going outside for pictures.

Since I was in bed for the most part of the day I decided to try and design a few shopping bags and gift boxes. So far I've assembled a shopping bag. I think it turned out wonderfully and will look great in the patisserie. It still needs handles though....

I know, I know, these are the boxes for Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. I cheated a little and filled them with some rock candy. I just love the boxes so much I couldn't resist. And it's impossible to read the sign so I can get away with it.

This is what I'm thinking for the table.... although I probably won't use this piece of cake.... I'm planning on making a half eaten one.

Ok, now I'm going to sleep and hope this pounding in my head is going to go away. Again, I'll try to take some better pics soon but in the mean time I hope you like what I've been up to. I'd love to know what you think of these so far. Nothing on the table is glued yet but the etagere is so not much correcting there I'm afraid. 

Until next time!



  1. Just found you today and started following you! The chair is gorgeous and I love the boxes, they are such a fun design.

    I'm getting married this year, so much planning and then your family always tell you what you 'should' be doing. How's your planning going? I keep thinking I'm sorted then I remember something else... lol

    love your minis! Very jealous I wish I had your skill

  2. I'm sorry you are ill. It sounds like you have been so busy (and stressed), maybe you need to try and rest more. I hope you feel better soon. Your sickness definitely did not affect your creativity as your minis are beautiful as always. The desserts looks delicious and I love the containers too. Beautiful work!
    Hugs and good wishes to get better soon,

  3. Running your self ragged does just that it tears on your immune system! Take care of yourself don't forget your part of the equation!

    I made all my invitations and gifts also for my wedding we spent the money on a great restaurant spectacular food, that had a gazebo outside and had the wedding there best thing ever!

    Your Patisserie goods look amazing! First time, already a food artesian!

    The woodwork is exquisite as always honey! Does your soon to be husband know what a amazing gal he is getting??? Better tell him I said.."you lucky bugger"

    Breath a bit, enjoy this time and best of luck!
    Hugs! Js

  4. You certainly are busy but how exciting planning a wedding, finishing a thesis and doing minis! Take care of yourself and get rid of that cold. Bed is a good place for thinking and planning in the meantime if the head isn't pounding too much. I love the chair - it is so cheerful. Perfect in a shop with all those goody sweets.

  5. veo que has estado mas que ocupada , esos pasteles estan muy bien , y el resto de miniaturas me encantan
    espero que te mejores



  6. I have found that when you are too busy to get sick, the body will put it on hold until the worst of your worry is over and then.... WHAMM! it hits you like a ton of bricks because NOW you have time to be ill, so your body really lets you have it. Nevertheless, the minis that you made between your coughing and your pounding head, are really lovely and your sweets all have the YUM FACTOR to the max! Well done! :D


  7. I love the little sweet boxes and sweets. Amazing work as usual. Good luck with all your wedding plans. Wish you all the luck in the world. x

  8. Mmm, those baked goods look so yummy! They make me want to pull out some clay and play! xo Jennifer