November 9, 2013

Mahogany table

I know, it's been almost an entire month since I last posted..... I just can't believe how sometimes real life get's so busy I have next to no time for myself, let alone my minis!

I've wanted to show you this table I've been working on but haven't had the time until now. I started making this table right after the newspapers but then I got so busy with work and family obligations that I put it aside. It's still sitting like this but I'm hoping I'll be able to finish it next week. I'm very happy to report I have a whole week of mini time ahead of me so that means a lot of new ideas.

I got some very nice mahogany wood from a friend. I'm very excited to see the finished piece and set it next to the walnut table! It's a lovely wood to work with. Although I don't have very much so I have to be very careful with how I use it.

Here you can see the difference between mahogany and walnut. Both are still completely bare, without any shellac or even oil. The colour will pop and be a bit more intense when I apply the finish.

And what I've gotten done so far on the table. You can see my rotary tool kit under the pieces. This is probably the single most important thing in my process of making furniture.... besides my saws and sandpaper of course.

Now I've had a bit of time today to come up with some plans for a chair. So far there's not much to show yet but I will hopefully have some progress to show next week. I'm really excited to try making a chair (again), since I've tried three times already and given up. I think now I have a better plan and understanding of how it all comes together and hopefully it won't fall apart as soon as I glue everything together.

And also now that it's colder outside I moved to my father's workshop. It's not as warm as in the house but it's way better than outside. I'll show you some pictures next time..... although I must say it's not exactly clean. But I don't really need clean since I'm going to make a lot of dust anyway :D

Until next time!



  1. That table looks wonderful and the colour will be beautiful when it is finished. I look forward to seeing what you design for a chair.

  2. Your table is looking amazing as all your woodwork does! A CHAIR!!!!!...erm I mean chairs are cool ;P

    Its interesting that you and I are so far apart but our seasons are right on ;P Chilly here as well.