October 9, 2013

Daily Prophet

Today I decided I needed a break from furniture. I always had the idea for making my own Daily Prophet on my to do list. Last evening I spent a few hours searching for things to put on the first page and deciding how to arrange everything. Although this is a first try I am very pleased with it. It's not an exact replica of the Daily Prophets found in the movies but I like it anyway. Now I can add to the list of things to make during the colder months when it won't be possible for me to make minis outside and I will need relatively dust free projects - making this newspaper was fun, will have to come up with some other versions of it.

The full front page I made. Although it's not much to show for 3 hours worth of work in designing it I like how it turned out. 

A stack that would be perfect in Flourish and Blotts..... I made most of the papers folded and I have quite a few more..... anyone interested in a trade, hehehe.

And now my poor sculpting skills..... this mouse is so tiny I had to sculpt him on a 1 cent coin. In general I like how he turned out considering how small he is. In person he looks a lot better but the camera captures all the small imperfections since he's a few times bigger in the pictures. I think my camera is too good for taking shots of my poor clay creations, hehehe. I do have to colour the eyes black though. Perhaps I should buy some seed beads next time I go to the craft store and use those for eyes.... any other suggestions perhaps?

I just love this little one trying to crawl into the newspaper :) and best of all, no need to sculpt the whole mouse!

I do like how he turned out although he's not exactly realistic.... and way too big for 1/12 scale. But who says a witch can't have bigger mice, right?

I hope you all enjoyed reading about something other than my furniture.... I feel like all I've been making for the past couple of months (with the summer-long break) is furniture..... so it's been fun to make something else and not needing a plan and measuring everything three times.

Until next time!



  1. These are awesome! The papers turned out great, wonderful detail!

    And your mouse is just perfect!

  2. Wow these are great!!! I wish I had your skill, would love some like this for my Harry Potter world!

  3. The newspapers are fantastic; great work.
    I really like the mouse in the newspaper.
    Greetings, Faby