August 15, 2013

Another try at hanging shelves....

Today was a holiday so I had a few hours of spare time. Of course that means mini making time :) Since I'll be at work all day tomorrow I decided to treat myself to some minis today.

I've wanted to make hanging shelves from walnut wood for quite some time but never got around to it. I've also had the wood cut to size for some time and now I finally used some of it.

This one is a new design, although it is similar to a previous one. This of course needs to be further sanded and then it will get the whole treatment of shellac.

This one is from similar to one I made out of pear wood, but not exactly the same. It's smaller and a bit differently shaped. This one will also be finished with shellac. It will also be a bit darker after I apply paraffin oil and finish everything.

Sometimes, when real life deals us a plate of worries there is nothing more relaxing than taking a couple of hours off and doing a quick mini project. I love how these turned out and hopefully I will add a few more designs later on. First I want to make a few more console tables and probably one or two dining tables. Even though it's going to have to be stretched over a few weeks I hope everything will still get done.

Until next time!



  1. Fantastic designs, your bookcases are lovely < insider information ;P

    If you have seasons like me, you get as much outside and away as you can before the bleak cold sets in then you have nothing but mini time ;P


  2. Hola! te han quedado unas estanterías estupendas quien me diera una así es hermosa cualquiera de ellas y eso que comentas que aun no están acabadas, cuando lo estean estarán mas hermosas felicitaciones!, un saludo Adriana.