July 26, 2013

Serpentine console table part 1

The last few days I've been busy cutting legs, skirts, table tops,.... I want to make another large serpentine table but I've also made new plans for a smaller side table or actually a console table. Again the plans are my own design although I did have a few inspirational photos.

The whole design was mostly based on this table. Of course mine won't be as elaborate since I haven't mastered miniature carving yet although I wish to learn that someday too. We'll see.

A rough work in progress..... just dry fitting here to see if everything is going according to plan. As you can see I changed the cabriole legs a bit too, actually slimmed them down as I didn't think the more bulky ones would fit on this smaller table quite as nicely.

So far so good. Now I need to do a lot more sanding and perhaps then it'll be ready for glue. Since this is made out of walnut wood I want to put on the same shellac finish as on the large serpentine table. This will again require a lot of time so I think I'll make a few pieces and then have two or three ready for shellac at the same time.

I do have a few more legs for the large serpentine tables cut but I forgot to take pictures.... I haven't done any more work on the chaise lounge though.... I will have to put everything together so I can put on shellac with the rest of these pieces. 

Well, this is all for now :)



  1. Amaaaaazing honey! This piece is looking so beautiful ;)

  2. Your table looks wonderful.
    Greetings, Faby

  3. Que maravilla, el resultado es impresionante.
    Un abrazo.

  4. You did a great job carving the table and the walnut wood will look splendid once you put the shellac on. I am looking forward to see it finished. Hugs, Liduina